I would rather be cruising…

One of the biggest perks of being a teacher is guaranteed breaks! I will always have a Spring Break, Christmas Break and Summer break! This year I had to wait a terribly long time for my Spring Break, with Easter being so late we were practically to May when it arrived!



Well…I am happy to report it was WELL worth the wait. I was extremely lucky to go cruise the Western Caribbean with a coworker and her family. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I had been on one cruise prior, but this cruise was on a whole new level!


Tanning on the Sun Deck

We went with Royal Caribbean on Allure of the Seas (AKA the biggest boat out there). I felt like I was in a cool new city with every level of the ship. Our room had a balcony over the “Boardwalk” which reminded me so much of the boardwalks in California. At the back of the boat (visible from our balcony) was the Aqua Theater where almost every night divers performed in some amazing shows! It is safe to say Laura and I watched pretty much every show (it did not hurt that the divers were VERY good looking!) On our level of the boat there was Central Park…beautiful gardens and plants and adorable restaurants with outdoor seating.  My absolute FAVORITE place on the boat was the sundeck! It was a beautiful wood deck at the front of the ship.


We went to Labadee, Haiti (The private island), Jamaica, and Mexico. My private stop was Labadee (minus the rain that showed up while we were there). Laura and I took it upon ourselves to explore the entire island. We hiked and climbed and found some amazing views!



The next stop was Jamaica. We did not get off the boat in Jamaica and enjoyed a relaxing day of laying out and eating WAY too much food. It was one of the most perfectly beautiful days ever. The ocean was like glass.

DSC_2078the view from the sundeck

Finally we arrived in Cozumel. Laura, her sister, niece, brother in law, and I got off the boat to explore. We shopped around a little bit, but to be completely honest it was a little sketchy. Laura and I both agreed next cruise we take we are splurging for excursions. Back on the boat we ate some more (there is SO much food on cruise ships), laid out some more, went rock climbing, and did lots of other fun things.


Cozumel Mexico

Apologizing now…brace yourselves for a few more pictures! I couldn’t pick which to post, I love them all so much!




enjoying sunset with my pretty friend


so peaceful

It was truly the most PERFECT way to spend Spring Break…I did not have to worry about anything. I had a blast with Laura and her entire family. I can’t wait to go on another cruise soon…I have big plans for either a European or Alaskan cruise NEXT summer!



One thought on “I would rather be cruising…

  1. Lauren says:

    Trip looks amazing! Just FYO, Labadee is not an island, it just an peninsula attached to mainland Haiti (the island of Hispanola). Now I want a vacay!

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