Stay Safe with Road ID

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Ever since I have begun exercising more and more, I find myself worrying about my safety if I am running close to dusk. Generally I run alone, but I try to avoid this time of day. When I run I usually have my phone and headphones and nothing else. No form of identification. Luckily, I live in a safe area, but what would happen if something bad happened? No one would know who I am.

One of the most recent 5Ks I ran was sponsored by ROAD ID. I had heard people talk about this company before, but never really looked into it. The swag bag from the race came with a free shipping coupon…which persuaded me to check out the website.

The story behind Road ID instantly drew me towards the product. It was started by a father son duo. The father often worried about his son, and suggested he run with his driver’s license. Then one day the son found himself in a tricky situation, leaving him to realize that he needed of a simple way to run without carrying his ID everywhere. ROAD ID was the father/son solution.

Road ID is a simple concept, an identifying tag that tells first responders important phone numbers, allergies, etc. They are simple design and can be put on bracelets, anklets, shoe clips. There is an option for everyone.

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On my bracelet I included both my parents phone numbers, my name and DOB, allergies and a little inspiration.

I decided to try the SLIM. I loved this design because it was tiny. I did not need a giant bracelet with all my contact info on it. Plus the colors were extra fun! Another plus? This bracelet is waterproof! The hardest part was deciding which color to buy. Luckily you can order an extra band for 1.99! 

ROAD ID also offers users a cool interactive way to keep their information current. In this case First Responders would have an ID number that would give them access to all your info (as opposed to it being all on your wrist).

Interested in a ROAD ID? I definitely recommend getting one. They are reasonably priced and could ultimately save your life! Check out their website here!

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2 thoughts on “Stay Safe with Road ID

  1. brettday says:

    Great post. I love my Road ID. I have worn it constantly for the last 2/12 years, I also posted a review on my blog. Really enjoyed reading yours.

    All the best,

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