Run and Be Happy


(snapped on one of my first runs with my dad) 

Running races is one of my new favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning. I am still a terrible runner…but a year ago I would have NEVER thought I could run a mile…let alone 3! So, I may still be a work in progress, but I am getting there.


(Daisy and I at the Turkey Trot…the first 5k I ran all of!)

When I was younger I never enjoyed running, and to be completely honest I still don’t enjoy it that much. What I do enjoy is the immense sense of accomplishment you feel after finishing a run! I just feel so proud of myself for doing something I would have thought impossible.


(Mom and I at the Reindeer Run at Seaworld)


(Laura and I with our post race beers and medals!)

The best part of running is having so many friends to do it with me. My mom, coworkers, and friends have all joined me for various 5ks! The most recent race I ran was the Fiddler’s 5K. Fiddler’s is the local irish pub. EVERYONE got a medal for crossing the finish line…plus a beer!


I found this quote on Pinterest and felt like it described my journey with running perfectly. I know I will NEVER be the fastest runner, but I am proud of myself for having the courage to start running.


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