I am currently in the long stretch of school. No break until Spring Break (which isn’t until Easter). Pinterest and Instagram have been my current downfall. So many people I know are currently traveling in amazingly beautiful places leaving me in a constant state of wanderlust.


I stumbled on this picture on Pinterest the other day, and I think it is officially my new motto/goal. The perfect part of teaching is that I will always have summers off…which means every summer I can travel somewhere new (if I save save save my money!)

This summer I am planning a BIG trip to China to visit my best friend Sarah (biffle). Read all about her adventures on her HILARIOUS blog here. She is teaching English in Shanghai, but I am planning on doing a tour around China (hopefully with my mom). I figure if I am going to China I need to see it all. The top place I want to see (solely based on my little research…) is Guilin. Beautiful right?


Other places I am dreaming of visiting…


(outside the Louvre)

1. Paris- I have been once, but I am dying to go back. I keep seeing instagram pictures from Paris. I want to see the Eiffel Tower at night, I want to stay in a fancy hotel (no offense to the hostel I stayed in) and I want to just explore and eat chocolate croissants and take a million pictures!


2. London- Downton Abbey has been my downfall. I literally wish I lived at Downton and had my very own Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Did you know you can visit the castle? (Highclere Castle) SIGN ME UP! Plus I need to see everything Harry Potter…just brace yourself. when I go to London I will be the BIGGEST tourist!


3. Ireland- are you noticing a trend? Ireland has been on my list FOREVER. Sarah has family in Ireland so I am waiting patiently for her to take me and show me all around! 

There are so many other places I want to visit…check out my “wanderlust” board on Pinterest! 

So this summer may be a trip to China…but I am thinking the following Summer will be a trip to London, Scotland, and Ireland. Maybe a little trip to Paris too? 


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