Waterlogue: Watercolor Painting Made Easy!

If you have an iPhone or iPad stop what you are doing and download Waterlogue! It is my newest favorite app. Yes. It costs 2.99 but it is worth it! The app takes your photos and turns them into unique watercolor paintings. I have a newfound obsession with painting…yet I know my paintings would never be as amazing as the app makes them. I had a blast going through my old Europe pictures and turning them into watercolors! Here are a few of my favorites!

imageIn the app you are able to choose from different painting styles. It is very cool to see the picture painted in a different way. My favorite part of the app is the fact that you are able to watch it slowly paint the picture.

Painted in WaterlogueI have mentioned that I am dying to go back to Paris?

Painted in WaterlogueUsing Cinque Terre as my current phone background

Painted in WaterlogueThe Naval Academy

Painted in WaterlogueD.C. Cherry Blossoms






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