2013 Must Reads

This was definitely not the year of reading. I am a little sad to report that I did not meet my GoodReads Goal of reading 50 Books…not even close! Despite this I did read a few exceptional books! Here are my TOP Picks from the books I read in 2013! These books are in no particular order. (Warning! I am really bad at recapping stories…the descriptions on Goodreads are much better)

2013 Reads1. The Kitchen House: Possibly my favorite book of the year. I could not put this book down. It tells the story of orphan Lavinia who is sent to work and live in the Kitchen House.

2. I am the Messenger: Markus Zusak may be my favorite author. He has such a talent with words and I have loved every book he has written! He also wrote the Book Thief. I Am the Messenger tells the story of a 19 year old cabdriver sent on mysterious missions to deliver messages.

3. The Night Circus: This magical story is about a circus that opens only at the night and is filled with “breathtaking amazements.” Within the circus is a competition between two young magicians. The writing in this makes the circus come alive as you read.

4. The Age of Miracles: This is a young adult/children’s book that I borrowed from the public library and loved. It told the story of 11 year old Julia and what happens when the earths rotation begins to slow. Very interesting, quick read!

5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone: I do not even know how to begin to describe this book. If you like Fantasy/Sci Fi books you will probably enjoy it. It is part of a trilogy and the first two books are already out.

6. The Lost Wife: I have always been drawn towards books about the Holocaust. I read them. I cry. This book was no different. It told the love story of two young lovers separated by the Nazi invasion.

7. Everyday: Everyday tells the story of A. A wakes up every morning in a different body. He never knows where or who he will be in the morning. Things begin to change for A when he meets Rhiannon, a girl he feels a strong connection with.

It was difficult to just narrow down to seven, because honestly I enjoyed almost every book I read this year. I also did a LOT of re-reading! (which doesn’t count on Goodreads!) I reread the entire Hunger Games series, Divergent, and The Book Thief to prepare for their movies! (I am a total dork I know!)

What were your favorite books of 2013?? I am always looking for new books! Be sure to add me as a friend on Goodreads HERE! 




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