Life Update: Back to the Swamp

I have been living away from Gainesville for the past two years. It is crazy how every time I come back to my college town something has changed! There are new restaurants popping up all over the place, my sorority house is completely different (and oh so beautiful) and the freshman look SO young to me! It is crazy to think that not too long ago, I was that little freshman wandering around campus trying to find my classes! This past weekend I returned for the UF vs. Tennessee Football game…plus my sorority Alumnae Weekend!! One of the hardest parts of being in the “real world” is not having all our college friends in the same town any more. I got to see so many of my sisters that I hadn’t seen in over two years!!! Plus I got to see my little sister, and the rest of my gorgeous Phi Mu Phamily! Brace yourself for a lot of pictures.

My Phi Mu Phamily!

My wonderful Grandlittles!

The adorable letters out on the lawn at Phi Mu

Angela (Pledge Sister) Big, Me and Biffle! 

I was SO excited to see my pledge sister Angela at the event! I went through recruitment with her and have so many amazing memories! I never get to see her so it was a big surprise when she walked into the house!!

Oh and to make the day even better?? The GATORS WON! Woohoo! Hoping this is the start of a good rest of our season!


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