Mason Jar Salads: The Perfect Lunch

Back to School means back to packing lunches…every day. Being a teacher means I am out my door by 6:45 AM each morning, leaving very little time to prepare a lunch.

photo 2

When I saw this pinned on Pinterest, I knew it was the PERFECT teacher lunch. I can prepare them all on Sunday night and they are good to go for the week. The best part of this salad? It can be made with whatever ingredients you want! I am pretty boring when it comes to salads…but you can get as creative as you want with these salads.

So how do you prepare these delicious salads? Follow these simple steps for a weeks worth of lunches! All you really need are MASON JARS and salad essentials!

1. Put the dressing of your choice at the bottom of the mason jar

photo 2(1)

2. Next layer a vegetable. I used matchstick carrots and celery, because it creates a good barrier between the dressing and the rest of the salad.

photo 3

3. Add your meat. I have used chicken, but any thing could be used. The first time I prepared it I used deli meat chicken, and this week I used rotisserie chicken.

photo 4

4. Add any other ingredients.

5. Top with lettuce

photo 1

6. Seal the Jar

photo 5

7. Refrigerate and Enjoy!

Tips! If you like croutons on your salad, keep those separate or else they will get soggy. I have also found it difficult to eat the salad out of the jar. I tend to dump it out onto a plate, before eating.

I bought my Mason Jars at Michaels, but sure enough AMAZON has some pretty amazing deals! Click HERE to get 12 Mason Jars for $14! (I think I got 6 for around the same price!)


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