Sara in the City: Atlanta


This past weekend I finally made the 7 hour drive up to Atlanta to see Amanda and her new apartment! I also got to see my roommate from college Brittany and my Big Lauren! Along for the crazy long car ride was my current roommate and biffle. We drove up Thursday night, in order to maximize our time in Atlanta!

First stop, Georgia Rest Stop …getting a little delirious, ready to be there!! 

Friday we were on our own because everyone had to work… This was fine, because I have wanted to visit the Georgia Aquarium F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I finally went, and it was awesome. Seeing the whale sharks was one of the most incredible things ever. Brittany and her boyfriend Chris spent the night in the shark tunnel, and I am already planning a trip back to do the same thing! Plus I am DYING to get in the water with that whale shark and the GIANT manta-rays. The Georgia Aquarium offers options to either snorkel or scuba dive with them, since I am currently not scuba certified I would have to snorkel. Oh…and they had a sea turtle! Happy Girl!

My new turtle friend! 

After the aquarium we met Amanda for lunch at Highland Bakery (midtown). That night the whole group got together for dinner at a super awesome restaurant I found using OpenTable (check it out!) You pick a time and area and they show you places with open tables! It was called Einstein’s.

College roommates reunited! 

Saturday morning we started bright and early by heading to Piedmont Park for their local farmer’s market. I had my mind set on tasting a King of Pop’s popsicle and some delicious Georgia Peaches.

Flowers at the Farmer’s Market

After the Farmer’s Market, we headed to Trader Joe’s (I had a list from my mother, plus who doesn’t love a trip to Trader Joe’s) We then stopped at Sublime Doughnuts to try a fancy doughnuts.

Yummy Doughnuts! 

We spent a little time relaxing, and then got prepared for Sweetwater Brewing Company. This place is awesome (even if I don’t love their beer). For $10 you get a beer glass and six drink tickets! Anyone who can drink all six is a champion in my book. They even offer plastic cups FOR FREE with SIX DRINK TICKETS…that means you get SIX beers for free! The whole group met up again…so of course we had fun!

Biffle and I outside Sweetwater 

We had a super chill Saturday night, we ordered pizza and hung out in Amanda’s apartment. I had a blast playing a new game “Heads Up” It is in the app store and its on the iphone…addicting. Plus, I can get very competitive! Sunday morning was bittersweet…we all spent a FABULOUS breakfast at West Egg. Lauren’s parents treated us to a yummy breakfast…and we got to sit at the coolest table there!

Miss living in the same town as these girls! 

It was wonderful weekend and I was so sad to have to leave…definitely did NOT enjoy the 7 hour drive home…well Biffle and I did have some wonderful jam sessions! 🙂


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