Green Turtle Cay: Gadgets Galore

I will be the first to admit I am not one to travel lightly. I tend to overpack, but I like to have options! (always my justification). Many girls, tend to need an extra bag to pack their shoes…not me. Instead I need an extra bag for all my tech stuff. (dorky, I know). For this trip I had my backpack STUFFED with two cameras, my phone, my laptop, my ipad and my kindle…all essential for this trip. Going into this trip I knew I wanted to make a video to summarize the entire trip. I planned on making it on my ipad (using the iMovie app) but that turned out to be a little more difficult than expected, so I turned to iMovie on my computer. This is one of my favorite programs and I use it whenever I need to make a movie! I also had two new toys (cameras) for this trip. One of my new Nikon p520 (which I LOVE) and my GoPro Hero2. I have had the GoPro for a while now, but had not been able to truly use it for underwater purposes until now.

photo 1

My handy dandy GoPro out of its shell 

My one mistake was not listening to my friend Karen (who scuba dives and knows more about the GoPro than I do). She told me I needed to get a flat lens, vs. the fisheye lens…but of course being stubborn I ignored her. Well guess what? She was right. You DEFINITELY need the flat lens if you plan on shooting underwater…otherwise you end up with LOTS of blurry video and pictures (as you will see in the video.) So now on my purchase list is a flat lens so I do not encounter this problem next year…photo 2

nothing better than beach reading 

iPad may not have worked for making my movie, but it did work excellent for accomplishing lots and LOTS of reading!
photo 3

working on vacation movie

and finally my trusty laptop. This thing has gone through the ringer…and has it capactiy more times than I can count, but it did not let me down. I finished the movie up this afternoon using iMovie and was able to publish it to Youtube. (ignore the Thank You Note…I was working on a few while publishing). 

So without further ado, I am pleased to share with you the movie I created for our family vacation!! Enjoy!



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