Family Vacation 2013: Green Turtle Cay

photo 4

For the past three summers our family has travelled to some part of the Abacos. (group of islands in the Bahamas). The past two summers we have stayed in/near Hope Town. This summer we decided to mix it up a little and try a new place. We stayed in Green Turtle Cay. We had a wonderful week long trip, with only minor weather problems (definitely not as bad as last year’s weather!) We were extra lucky in that we stayed in a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L house right on the beach! You could snorkel a reef less than 20 ft off the shore. Our boat was also awesome, it never broke, it ran wonderfully, and it got us around safely. So…how did we spend our week in paradise?? Well, let me show you in a few of the MANY pictures snapped last week!


We were lucky to spot several rainbows on our flight from New Smyrna to Green Turtle Cay! DSCN0151

Needless to say, I spent the majority of the flight snapping lots of pictures! DSCN0221

We stumbled on the location one of the fishing guides stops each day for lunch, where we met some extra friendly stingrays! I was a little apprehensive at first, but then warmed up to them! They would let you pet them, because they thought we had food! (sorry guys!) DSCN0192

Brothers and I off our porch

Our daily view DSCN0389

In the past we spent a lot of time at the Abaco Inn and Firefly, but it took us a little while to find something similar here in Green Turtle.

It was also very difficult to find a nice night to get a family picture. When we spotted this sunset we pulled off to a dock and used my trusty self timer to SNAP! DSCN0309

Dad let me drive the boat…and we made it back in one piece! I also got to drive the golf cart (method of island transportation)…I was less skilled at that, but did not crash at all. DSCN0293

The boys went fishing one day…and as wimpy as this looks it cooked up for some delicious fish tacos!

I did some research to find snorkelling spots, since most of the reefs were out in the ocean (and it was too rough due to the weather). I discovered two wrecks on the inner side of the islands. It was low tide, so some of the wreck was above water but we saw some pretty fish! DSCN0338

Oh…did I mention I think they need to rename this Shark Key…because we saw at least ONE shark every day of the trip!! At this spot we saw about five…it was another local guides spot. DSCN0344

and last but not least we saw a SEA TURTLE! This was one of the most incredible things ever. The turtle swam RIGHT up to Ryan and I as we stood perfectly still in the water (with sharks swimming by us too). Of course my underwater camera decided to jam, so I will have to rely on my mental image of this moment!


All in all it was a great trip…we are already hard at work deciding where we want to go for next year’s summer vacation (and no I am not too old for family vacations!)


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