Adventures in Cooking: Oreo Truffles and Oreo Pudding Poke Cake

I have been living on my own for about 6 months now…and I have been learning a LOT about cooking! Of course, once I find a recipe I can cook  I tend to cook it over and over again. My favorite dinners? Chicken Pesto or Chicken Parm (both successfully cooked with no fires). This week one of the teachers from school is having a midsummer get together, and I volunteered to bring dessert (something safe!) I decided to make my favorite Oreo Truffles.

In college my house mom would make these for special occasions and they were always a big hit. I made them for a few potlucks, and not to brag, they were named “little balls of joy” by one of my classmates. This is literally one of the most FOOLPROOF recipes ever invented! If I can make these, you can too!

You need THREE ingredients 


 A Package of Oreos

Block of Cream Cheese

Dipping Chocolate (I like the kind that comes in the microwavable container) 

Now it is time to get preparing!!

1. Crush up the oreos (I use a gallon size Ziploc to crush oreos without making too big of a mess)


(crush them more than this…I am working with a poorly stocked kitchen therefore I used a ziploc and my hands) 

2. Mix crushed up oreos with block of cream cheese (In a big bowl using your clean hands mix everything together)


3. Form small balls of the mixture


4. Dip into melted chocolate


5. Set chocolate covered balls of joy onto wax paper


6. Refrigerate until ready to serve


Continuing with the Oreo Theme I decided to try Oreo Pudding Poke Cake. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it seemed VERY easy to make! I used the recipe from The Country Cook (click link to see recipe).

Basically, you bake a cake according to the box. Then with about 2 minutes left for the cake to cook, you start preparing your Jello. Get the Oreo Pudding (2 boxes) and mix with 4 cups of milk. Stir Stir Stir.


The cake should be done, pull it out and poke small holes using the end of a wooden spoon. (I spaced mine about an inch apart). Then pour the pudding mixture over the poked cake!


Apologizing for the blurry picture, it is hard to take an action shot with one hand!

Then pop it in the fridge for about an hour…And that is it! The recipe says you can add coolwhip frosting, but honestly it tasted PERFECT with out any! I did add a little bit of crushed oreos to the top.


Both of these were a HIT! The pudding makes the cake so moist and delicious…I honestly think I will be making Poke Cakes from here on out…no messy frosting or dry cake!! The “Balls of Joy” are always a hit. Happy Cooking! 🙂

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