Sweet Summertime

Right now I am feeling very lucky to have a summer vacation! It came at the perfect time…I was definitely in need of a little relaxation! Finishing my Masters Degree and my First Year of teaching was a little bit overwhelming…hence the major lack of blog posts! 


(okay this picture is from undergrad, but I did not walk for my Master’s Degree…I had to work) 

I would like to get one thing straight…just because I am on summer vacation does not mean I am not still EXTREMELY busy! I have a million and one projects I need to do before the next school year starts, I am tutoring, and I am nannying like crazy! These are all good things…I KNOW I would poke my eyes out of boredom if I wasn’t keeping busy. The first day of summer I texted my teacher friend Laura at about 2pm to see what she was doing…we were both on Pinterest finding new projects for next year! Teachers may get summer break, but I promise you there is a piece of their brain that is ALWAYS thinking about the classroom…but enough school talk, onto the fun parts of summer!


The girls from work (minus Amanda) at New Smyrna! 

This summer has been the summer of the BEACH. This pale girl is getting surprisingly tan (and not burnt thanks to SPF75 sunscreen). I have made FOUR trips to the beach this summer, and it is still JUNE! I went with my Big Sister and Biffle, Daisy and her Daughter Stella, Family Friends, and then the girls from work!

My beautiful Big and I at the Condo 

Two trips had little ones visiting the beach. Mary Adele and Stella had a BLAST at the beach! I always have more fun at the beach with kids there, because you get to make SANDCASTLES, Go BOOGIE BOARDING, and just be silly!

Hanging with my favorite little friends! 

Now that it is officially July my summer is going to FLY. I have to lead a mission trip to Charlotte with 42 high school students (pray for me)…then I get to go the Abacos for our family vacation…finally I am ending the summer with a weekend trip to Atlanta! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!


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