Vine vs. Instagram Video

Chances are if you know me at all…you know I am a little obsessed with all things related to photography/video…therefore these two new apps have made for quite a fun summer. First, there was Vine, which allows user to create short 6 second videos. Then, about a week ago, Instagram (a favorite of mine) announced the ability to make 15 second videos. So which app did I decide to stick with??

photo (3)

Both. Probably not the answering you were hoping for…There are details I love about both of them. The users on Vine are incredibly creative, and manage to make something awesome in a matter of 6 seconds! Instagram video gives you a little bit more time to play with, and the ability to delete sections…for example in Vine what you record is what you get, but in instagram say one little piece is wrong I can delete that and re-record (does that make sense?). The instagram video also lets you add a fun filter just like when editing pictures. I have run into many issues with Instagram Video and I am hoping that is because it is new. Here are two examples of Videos I have made using both apps.

Vine: Family Splash Competition

Instagram Video: Family Splash Competition

Both apps are fun and easy to use, therefore I do not think I will be choosing just one! Now if you aren’t on Vine I seriously recommend it…as previously mentioned there are some seriously talented 6 second video creators out there! One downfall to Vine, that I hope they will be changing soon, is the privacy. There is no way to make your account private, which I do not like. My instagram account is private, and therefore my videos are private as well. I do think this is something Vine will add soon!

Do you use either app for videos? Which do you prefer??


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