Smiling in Second Grade: Teaching Update

Well, I survived the FIRST half of my FIRST year of teaching. I have been loving my job. Teaching just keeps getting better and better. I keep discovering new fun activities to try in the classroom. I love having the freedom to choose whatever I want to do with my students as long as I meet the standards. This is one of the perks of working at a private school…no pacing guide! I thought I would share some of the fun activities and learning that has been happening in my classroom! I wish I could share pictures of my wonderful class with y’all, but unfortunately that would be a big privacy issue (and to be completely honest I would not want someone posting pictures of my kids on their blog).

imageWe started the new year off talking about Resolutions. One of the best things of spending every day with 21 second graders? They hold you accountable! On my example I said one of my goals was to learn how to knit…and everyday they ask me if I have learned yet! I found this idea on Teachers Pay Teacher (if you have not visited this site…go there now it is awesome). I actually put two activities together to make this and I love how this worked.


Math is HANDS DOWN my least favorite subject to teach (but don’t tell my kids that!) I try and make it fun by using math manipulatives like these foam shapes. My goal for the rest of this year is to find ways to make math more fun for the kids and me!

image_6Probably the most delicious science experiment ever…Rootbeer Float Matter. We used this to show the three different states of matter. The ice cream represented solids, the rootbeer was liquid, and the foam was gas. The kids did really great identifying the different states of matter, plus they weren’t complaining about getting to eat the yummy treat.


Shape a Story, the students used shapes to create stories. This went along with math and writing. We are learning geometry. The students were all very creative when putting these together.


and we will end with my FAVORITE quote for the classroom. Painted this onto a piece of wood and hung it in the classroom.




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