Looking Back on the Year 2012…

Confession time…I am NOT one of those New Year New You people. I personally think the idea of waiting for ONE day to change your life is a little ridiculous…in my opinion you can make a change any time you want to! My favorite part of a New Year, is looking back and reflecting on all I accomplished during the year. So how did 2012 go for Sara? I have to say it was a pretty fabulous year!

I checked SEVERAL things off my bucket list…

A post will follow with more details!

I met my Goodreads Reading Challenge…

I read THIRTY books to reach my goal set at the beginning of the year. This may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you I am PROUD of reaching this goal. Last year I only read 17 books! I discovered a lot of great books this year, including some very lengthy series (A Song of Ice and Fire). You can check out all the books I read on my Goodreads page.

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 1.30.53 PM

See look how far I have come! (This shows the number of pages read in a year!) 

I traveled to some new exciting places, and a few old but still wonderful places…

I went to New York City for the FIRST time and fell in love with it. I did not think I would love it as much as I did, but I am already planning my next trip back. Central Park and the NY Public Library were my favorite sights, but due to the fact that I only had a day to explore…there was a lot of NYC left unseen!


Playing with the leaves in Central Park 

We went back to the Abacos on our family vacation. Despite some really, excuse my language, crappy weather we had a great time. We got a close up interaction with a beautiful green sea turtle (my favorite animal!).


I visited Natalie in Philadelphia and got a whirlwind tour of the city she now calls home!


LOVE Park 

We visited our friends in Naples, FL where I got to Paddle board for the first time!


Beautiful Naples Sunset 

I entered the Real World…with a job! 


Classroom at the VERY beginning…it has come a long way!

After graduating in December, I completed my internship with the same class I did my pre-internship with and loved every second of it. Then I spent the summer taking grad classes. I am always astounded by how the world works…I was blessed with an opportunity I could not turn down…I was lucky enough to get my DREAM job teaching second grade at a Catholic school in my hometown. While I teach I am also finishing up my Masters degree. My class is the sweetest, and the staff at my school is wonderful. I truly feel I am following the path God planned for me. I also moved into my very first grown up apartment with a great friend from elementary school!

and I have been blessed with my health, and the health and safety of my loved ones.


Family in the Abacos 

There are definitely areas of my life I would like to see develop more in 2013, but I can’t complain too much I had a pretty incredible year…and I am loving the path I am on. I hope you all had an amazing 2012 and I wish you the VERY best for 2013!

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