Bucket List Update!

Here is all I crossed off the bucket list this year! I am looking forward to crossing more things off this coming year…

22. See ALL of Central Park…okay I did not technically see ALL of Central Park but I got pretty darn close. I think Amanda and I spent a good four hours exploring the park. It was hands down one of my favorite places in the city.


34. Appear on the TODAY Show…again not sure if I actually appeared on the show but the camera definitely got all up in my face so CHECK!


40. Be someone’s confirmation sponsor…I was EC’s sponsor this past year and I am already set to be C’s sponsor next year! No picture of this.

69. Pack my bags and set off to a random place. One weekend at the beginning of the year Biffle and I packed our bags and set off on a spontaneous trip to Atlanta for the weekend. It was unexpected and incredibly fun!


104. Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s …this was a fun one! I thought Amanda was going to make so much fun of me when I told her my request…to be fair there were several other people doing the SAME thing!


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