Sara in the City Part Two (Philadelphia)

Philadelphia meant I was FINALLY reunited with my roommates from college. Natalie is currently living in the city and taking classes at Temple. This picture was taken with my new toy (gopro camera) on Nat’s fire escape!! Philadelphia is such an interesting town. Everywhere we walked we were surrounded by history. One minute there are modern building and the next thing you see is Independence Hall! I love how small this big city felt. We were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go, and for this my feet were very grateful! Again, apologizing in advance for the crazy amount of pictures!! 🙂

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell 

LOVE Park at Christmas Time 

And the entire point of this incredible trip was to celebrate the marriage of Rich and Kay! They had a BEAUTIFUL ceremony at the church where Rich’s parents were married, and the reception was held in the coolest building. I loved all the decorations they had, everything looked perfect!

Everyone from WP!






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