Happily Ever After

Okay…I officially feel old! I went to my first wedding (not counting the ones when I was little) and it made me realize I am technically a “grown up” now. To be fair it was my G-Big and she is a few years older than me. The wedding was in St. Pete on the beach and it was absolutely beautiful. My G-Big Stacey looked GORGEOUS!

Sassy Sisters

Okay…that was probably my favorite picture from the entire weekend! Here is another silly one from before the wedding. We had to utilize our waiting time!!

Mixed-Up Line

As I mentioned, the wedding was on the beach. The thought of getting married always makes me nervous…especially in Florida. On my drive over it POURED and I said a lot of prayer in the car! In my mind it should NEVER ever rain on a wedding day…that is the Bride’s day and everything should go smoothly! (optimist?) Thankfully, the sun was shining and the sky was the most incredible shade of blue. The ceremony was short and sweet.

Big was a bridesmaid!

After the ceremony Little and I made Blake (Big’s Boyfriend) be our personal photographer…

The reception was a lot of fun! They played a TON of music from the 80’s…so needless to say I was JAMMING OUT! You bet I busted out my air guitar…multiple times throughout the night. I loved seeing how happy my G-Big was all night long. She is just now starting a new chapter of her life and I wish her all the best.


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