Life Update

Despite my crazy work schedule, and the fact that I have a real world job now, I have been finding time to have some fun.

Rocking the side pony and red lipstick!

Labor Day weekend  I was able to go down to West Palm Beach for a much needed girls weekend with Karen and Sarah. I hadn’t seen them in SO long. It was really nice to be able to spend time out on the boat soaking up some sun. I am sad to say we didn’t take too many pictures. Karen brought Sarah and I to her friends 80’s themed birthday party. 4 years in a sorority prepared me for throwing together an outfit out of the things in my suitcase. The party was so well done, and they had a REAL Polaroid camera. This result in a Sara geek out moment…plus several Polaroid pictures.

Polaroid Fun 

I am not sure if you remember but a few months ago I posted about my newest music obsession Ed Sheeran. I am still obsessed, and I was devastated to learn that his Orlando concert was sold out (the only one in Florida). I decided to take a chance and enter a few radio contests the local stations were hosting…and I WON! I still can’t believe it. I won a PRIVATE concert at the radio station.

Is this real life?

Ed Sheeran was INCREDIBLE live. Amanda came with me and we both agreed the true test of a singer’s musical talent is their ability to sing live. Ed only played three songs, but they were flawless. He is British too, which means he has a British accent!! (random, but I am obsessed with all things British right now).

Before the concert the radio guys had us a write down questions for Ed and he answered mine! Weirdest thing he has ever seen in America, which turned into weirdest thing he has ever seen, which led to a very hilarious answer said with a British accent. Oh…and did I mention we got a picture with him!?!

So, I may have a “big girl” job that leaves me absolutely exhausted during the week…but I am not letting that keep me from having a good time!


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