Classroom Update: Adding a little organization to the chaos

I was extremely lucky in that the classroom I inherited came very well stocked…I had construction paper, books, paper towels, practically everything you would need as a teacher! The things were organized fairly well, but with bumblebees (the old teacher’s theme). Unfortunately, bumblebees do not go with my traveler theme, therefore I have found myself re-labeling everything in the classroom.

I have been using Paint…yes my favorite program…to create labels! I am a little obsessed with how cute these labels turned out! I am still in the process of organizing everything else in the room!

After laminating and cutting out the labels I have made so far. Here is what they look like in the classroom.

This is our pencil ticket bucket…which is no longer in use! I have discovered that my first year of teaching will be a lot of trial and error. We used pencil tickets in my internship classroom and it worked really well, but my second graders can’t seem to grasp the concept. I need to make a new label for this that just says “Sharpened Pencils.” I am going to fill it with sharp pencils, because I have never seen a group of second graders break so many pencils in the matter of a day! (and the pencil sharpener is the most annoying sound in the world!)

I also have several projects in the works…

1. A Student Tracker Board…I have students constantly asking if they can get a drink of water or use the bathroom. My rule is one boy and one girl out of the room at a time. (the bathroom is just next door). Despite this rule, during the chaos of the classroom, I sometimes find myself accidentally letting two or three kids out at a time. I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to make one for myself! All I need to find are 22 magnets!

via Second Grade Style

2. Paper Organization…over this week my desk became a GIANT pile of papers. Copies, notes from the office, things to be graded…it was a disaster! This is my solution! I need one of these for each day of the week, with file folders for each subject. I can put all the copies in the right folder and be ready to go!

via Yo!Ms.Amos

3. Teacher Tool Box: I have a little bookshelf directly behind my desk and I had no clue what to use it for until I saw this…

via Create Teach Share

Now I just need to make sure this will fit on my bookshelf! I think it would be the PERFECT solution for my messy desk drawers, plus everything would be within reach and clearly labeled.

As I mentioned, this first year of teaching is full of trying new things and seeing what works best! I know for sure that I need to keep my classroom organized if I want to stay sane, so these are a few of my solutions!


One thought on “Classroom Update: Adding a little organization to the chaos

  1. Jen says:

    I cannot even imagine how chaotic it must be in your first year of teaching! Guess I have that to look forward to if grad school goes as planned. 🙂

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