Being Creative

 I am constantly seeing the cutest digital word art on Pinterest. The creators take a simple quote and turn it into something super awesome. I decided I would try and make one of these graphics…so I turned to the handy dandy Paintbrush App for Mac…(you can download it for free here).

First, I had to pick which quotes I wanted to use…luckily, I have an entire folder on my computer dedicated to quotes. Next, I had to choose which fonts to use…yet again I turned to Pinterest (seriously how did I survive without this website?). If you type in Free Fonts SO many options will come up. I chose the ones I liked best and downloaded them to my computer. Then I got to work on creating my masterpieces…It took several tries before I had them laid out perfectly but I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.


After creating these two, I decided I should do something productive for my classroom which is when I decided I needed to design a cover for my Teacher Binder…I am really proud of how well it turned out! I used a Quatrefoil (because I will always be a Phi Mu) and a Lilly Pulitzer pattern (because I will always love Lilly and the pattern is school related).

Teacher Binder Cover:

I am already planning on several more quotes I want to make as well as little organizational signs for my classroom.


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