Hello Real World

I am now officially a member of the “real world.” This entire week has been full of teacher work days, faculty meetings, and last minute touches to my classroom. This morning was Meet the Teacher day. I was extremely nervous that the parents would be apprehensive about such a new teacher, but I could not have been more wrong! My parents and students were SO excited and happy to meet me and see the classroom. I am an firm believer that if students want to be in the classroom, the year will go well! I am so blessed to be at a wonderful school, where the staff has been incredible and welcoming. I was so shocked (in a good way) to have parents without students in my class coming to say hello to the new teacher. I feel so blessed that God presented me with this opportunity to start my teaching experience in such a community and faith based environment.

Here is a little sneak peak of my classroom!

My word wall, calendar, fish tank and Extraordinary Explorers board

Funny story about the fish tank…I was weary about having it in the classroom but the Science teacher ensured me he would take care of it, I just needed to feed the fish. Well sure enough, two hours after being installed I had THREE floaters!! Luckily, the remaining fish are doing wonderfully.

Desks all nice and organized

Tomorrow is the FIRST day of Teaching, and I am extremely excited and nervous. I am planning on going to sleep EXTRA early so I have a lot of energy tomorrow. I have some really fun activities planned for tomorrow…plus we are reading the PERFECT book! First Day Jitters…look it up! (The main character’s name is Sara :)!!! )

2 thoughts on “Hello Real World

  1. Jen says:

    Ah! Your classroom is just precious. I hope that you have a wonderful first year! I can’t wait to read all about your teaching adventures. Hopefully I’ll be there in a few years!

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