Why NBC should NOT host the 2016 Olympics…


Yes this is happening…I never thought I would write a blog post about this but it has been driving me absolutely crazy…and this is my blog so I can type whatever I like, so here goes my rant. (Sorry if you have been following me on twitter too!) NBC’s TERRIBLE coverage of these Olympics games is embarrassing, frustrating, and unacceptable. The Summer Olympics happens once every four years so I am pretty sure the entire world wants to enjoy it. Here are a few pointers for next time around…(even though I am pretty sure NBC already has the rights for the next two Olympics)

I would like to see events as they happen LIVE on my television. I would NOT like to wait hours upon hours to see them played, during which time I discover the results. If I wanted to be truly surprised at the results I would have to avoid the TV and Computer and human interaction until NBC “decides” to finally air the event. If you play the event live the element of surprise is there and I am able to cheer and scream for the athlete I want to win. (technically I can still do this on replay, but its not the same). When I try to be proactive and watch the Live Feed, since I understand the likelihood of playing every event is slim, I would like it to come in clearly and not cut out mid event…I would also like it to be reliable, and not go to advertisement with a gymnast mid routine, or freeze. Also, if you do not have an approved Cable provider you do not have access to the live feed. I would like them to show the popular sports live as well…EVERY single night they save gymnastics and swimming till “primetime.”

I would like them to respect athletes…seriously every single reporter needs an etiquette course. I am sorry but if my hopes and dreams were just shattered, I do not need you pointing out my flaws and asking “What Happened.” I also do not respect the camera men zooming into the faces of crying teenagers. I do not want the reporters trying to make athletes speak badly of their opponents. The Olympics are about all the nations coming together…and sure everyone wants to win, but we do not need to put other people down in the process.

I do not want you to “edit” certain pieces out of programming because YOU decide Americans won’t like/appreciate it. I am sorry, but since when did YOU decide what I want to see. To clarify, if they decide to tribute the victims of terror attacks in the 2016 Opening Ceremony, I would like that the REMAIN in the programming…better yet just play it live and we will save all this trouble. (in reference to this via TIME) and the hilarious image sequence from the Daily Show below…


When you DO make the people wait until Primetime to show the REPLAY of the day’s sports…please give us a detailed schedule of when events will be played. When the guide tells me Olympics will be on from 8-12, and I only want to watch one event it makes for a very long night. For example, if you plan to play the Mens 4×100 Medley relay at 11:45 please tell me, so I do not have to sit through three and a half hours of events I do not want to watch.

I could honestly go on and on for days about how much I have hated the way NBC decided to cover these Olympics, but nothing I say will change it, because we all know they HAVE to do what will make them the MOST money…so here is to hoping that the coverage in 2016 at RIO will be better than this joke.

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