Happy Olympics!

I am absolutely in love with every single thing about the Olympics. I am so excited to watch team USA dominate this year.

(via tumblr)

What sports will I be watching? Swimming and Gymnastics for sure! They have always been my favorites to watch…The Fab Five (gymnastics) are adorable and so fun to watch compete…and these girls are TALENTED! I am just waiting for them to bring home the GOLD!

yes, I do realize there are only 4 in this picture! Someone is missing!

(via NBCOlympics.com)

And then onto the swim team…so many things to love about them! 1. Gators in the pool (Ryan Lochte, Elizabeth Beisel,  Conor Dwyer and so many more!). 2. They are beautiful 3. They are hilarious….I am currently loving this video the team made to Call Me Maybe!

(via Youtube)

Athletes I will be cheering EXTRA loud for…

1. Ryan Lochte (Swimming) -Gator, trains in Gainesville, and very good looking! Oh yeah…he also won Gold Medal #1 for USA!

(via Tumblr)

2. Elizabeth Beisel (Swimming)-Gator

(via Google Images)

3. Missy Franklin (Swimming) only 17!!!

(via Tumblr)

4. Mariel Zagunis (Fencing) She was nominated by all the athletes to carry the flag!

(via Tumblr)

5. The Fab Five (Gymnastics) I can’t pick just one!

(via Tumblr)

I am also very sad I am not currently in London…but I am already planning a trip for next summer! I will visit Dana, explore all of England, Ireland, and Scotland! (perks of being a teacher! Summers off!)

(via Tumblr)

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