My Pinteresting Life: Cooking Edition

As I quickly approach the start of my new job, I have begun to realize the “real world” is waiting for me. I decided it was about time I developed some “life skills.” The biggest life skill that needed help was cooking. I am the world’s worst cook…you can ask my roommates! Anything that can go wrong, does go wrong when I am in the kitchen…including a fire! (seriously how do you catch nachos on fire??)

During the final weeks of summer school I spent my days writing papers…which meant I was procrastinating like a high school senior! I found these two recipes on Pinterest and decided to try my hand at them. I am very pleased to report that BOTH recipes turned out well!

Recipe #1: Coconut Chicken (click the link for the recipe)

Realizing now I did not take a picture of the final product! The only difference I made to the recipe was to pop the chicken in the oven after crisping it…I cut the pieces WAY to big and that resulted in the chicken not cooking all the way, therefore it was necessary to put it in the oven. Check out the website to see the final product…because it definitely turned out better than my pictures show!

Recipe #2: Frozen Banana Chocolate Ice Cream (click the link for the recipe)

So glad I did better with the picture taking for this recipe. This was quite the adventure with a Magic Bullet…I think it would have been MUCH easier with a better blender. The final product was delicious. I added cocoa (college style) with marshmallows, bc I only had hot chocolate packets! I also added a spoonful of peanut butter. I really liked this dessert because it was a lot healthier than ice cream, but still tasted great!


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