Music Monday

Music has been my escape this summer semester. I have found it impossible to read for fun while trying to also succeed at my school work. Music kept me sane. I was able to listen to music while reading for school, writing papers, and doing every other task on my to-do list. Even after the classes ended I still found myself listening to music ALL the time…mainly on my weeklong chaperone trip to Charlotte. Teenage girls like to talk and giggle when it is time to fall asleep…my solution? Headphones with great music! I figured I would share some of my current favorites!

1. Ed Sheeran…if you have not listened to this amazing guy sing, stop everything and look him up! I instantly fell in love when I heard his song Autumn Leaves. His newest CD released June 12th, and I bought it on iTunes that day! It is wonderful. His songs are range from hip hop to acoustic folk songs. Did I mention he was BRITISH? I have been loving this CD since I bought it…and it has not gotten old yet! My favorite songs are Give Me Love, Small Bump, Little Bird, You Need Me and I Don’t Need You…okay I love the whole entire CD!

2. Lennon and Maisy: I am sure most of you saw these adorable, okay I don’t think adorable is the right word…super cool sisters sing “Call Your Girlfriend” on Youtube…but have you listened to all their other covers?? I love their cover of Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” and my new favorite from them is Imogen Heap’s “Head Lock.” I just love everything about this duo, from their cool names to their super unique voices! These girls need to make a CD pronto!

3. Josh Turner’s Time is Love …I love Josh Turner and I am so obsessed with this song. It is perfect.

4. Tyler Hilton: I have been a BIG fan of Tyler Hilton’s since I was in the 7th Grade! I was finally able to see him live this past week at the Social in Orlando. (they have the best concerts). He was INCREDIBLE live!! I was so thrilled when he decided to play some of his older songs (ones I loved way back in 7th grade!) I also loved all his new songs he played as well. (from his new CD Forget the Storm).

Tyler Hilton: “You’ll Ask For Me”

Oh and did I mention I got to MEET Tyler Hilton? yeah that happened…and I have the picture to prove it! This is why I love concerts at The Social…I have met every artist I have seen there!

Sorry for the short list…but like I said Ed Sheeran is still sounding great after a month…therefore that is pretty much all I have been listening to!

Does anyone have any other great music suggestions? I pretty much love all types of music! Leave your suggestions in the comments!


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