A Week in Paradise

Mom and I enjoying the sunset at Firefly 

For our family vacation this year we returned to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. I had been counting down the days till this trip since we booked the flights. I was so excited to be back in that crystal clear water, soaking up the sun, and eating delicious seafood…unfortunately the universe did not allow ALL those things to happen…

Our view of the beach 

A little backstory…for the past year I have been suspecting an allergy to either shellfish…or seafood in general. I decided to brave it and try some Conch fritters our first night in the Bahamas…BIG mistake! I am most definitely allergic to shellfish, and was too scared to try any other seafood for the remainder of the trip! I will spare you all the details…but it was not a fun first night!

Dad and I at dinner at Sea Spray

Then we got hit with rainstorm after rainstorm leaving us stuck inside! When the rain finally let up, the water was too rough and churned up to go anywhere in the boat. This forced us to explore Hope Town. This included frequent visits to the Abaco Inn (our favorite place for drinks) and the new Firefly Resort, as in Firefly Vodka! Looking on the bright side of the situation, we were lucky to be staying on a more populated island than last year! (We had a golf cart to get around town)

Ryan with the crystal clear water 

When the sun finally came out we did not waste a single second of it…we went to my favorite reef and snorkeled. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything super cool, but I was happy enough to be in the water. We went to Pete’s Pub for lunch…seriously one of my FAVORITE places in the Bahamas…they have the best drink ever! (Harbor Blaster).

One of my favorite underwater pictures from the trip

The next day we went to Nippers and snorkeled off the beach. It is supposedly home to the 3rd Largest Reef…but I do not think it is right off the beach, because we didn’t see too much! I did come face to face with a GIANT barracuda which was absolutely terrifying!

Our boat for the week

Hands down my most favorite experience of the trip came our last day in town. My mom and I wanted to go get bags from the Albury’s Sail Shop. They make all different types of bags from old sails. The entire week I had been straining my eyes to find a sea turtle (my favorite animal) and everyone else in the family had spotted one but me! As we pulled the boat into the dock my dad spots a turtle swimming right by our boat!

Penny the Green Sea Turtle

I GRABBED MY CAMERA SO FAST, and started snapping like crazy! I left my camera with my dad while mom and I went to shop. When I came back out the sea turtle was still there. An old lady that lives on the island said the turtle, Penny, frequents the docks because she gets fed scraps. She makes her way down the row of shops! What a smart turtle! She was an absolutely gorgeous Green Sea Turtle.

Penny the Green Sea Turtle and I 

Despite the bad weather and lack of seafood I still had a wonderful time. I think it is impossible to have a BAD time when you are in Paradise!

Sunset our last night in Paradise 

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