My Week According to Instagram

So last week was quite an eventful week…I turned 22!!

My actual birthday was full of homework and boringness, but I was treated to a delicious dinner from my Aunt and Uncle that live in Gainesville and my roommate and I had a little fun with Birthday Margaritas and Cupcakes! We had a fun little photoshoot and I procrastinated even more by collaging and then instagramming them.

My Biffle is known for adding hilarious drawings to all her birthday cards…sometimes if you are lucky even a Thank You card will include a picture. I absolutely LOVE this drawing because it illustrates my current Game of Thrones obsession!

My Biffle and Karen came back to Winter Park with me for the weekend. We went out for a Birthday dinner at the Ravenous Pig, one of my all time favorite restaurants at home. My parents literally go there like once a week…its embarrassing (in a good way?) how many people recognize them there!

I may have just turned 22…but I am definitely still 5 years old at heart. This is an “artsy” shot of the wine cork, menu, and my lovely drawing. I absolutely LOVED the red wine we get at the Ravenous Pig…or The Pig as we call it in my family…because we are cool like that :).

And finally the desserts…one of the perks of my parents being such loyal eaters/drinkers at The Pig? They surprised me with a WONDERFUL platter of several desserts. Here you can see the “Pig Tails” which are essentially Churros. We also had S’mores in a Jar, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, and some berry torte. SO MUCH DESSERTS! We ended up bringing some home!

All in all it was a GREAT week! I can’t believe I am 22 now. On an even more exciting note…only one and half more weeks of Summer A!!!! YES!


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