A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives…

Okay, confession time! I have spent more time reading for fun the past few weeks than I have spent reading for school (sorry I’m not sorry?). I can’t help it, I have just found myself absolutely LOVING every book I pick up…and I am cursed with the disease of being unable to STOP reading a good book. I stumbled upon this quote by George R.R. Martin from his series A Song of Ice and Fire. I am on already on book four of the series (I told you this was a serious problem!) But back to the quote…I love it and I think it is the PERFECT quote! When I was a kid I hated reading, but being a future teacher I think every child should read. There are so many books in this world and I think everyone can find one they relate to and hopefully lead to a love of reading.

via Tumblr

I need to get this made into a poster for my classroom!


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