Instagram Shots of the Week!

I am stealing this idea from the fabulous Karoline! She is just as obsessed with Instagram as I am. I loved her idea of sharing her favorite instagram pictures from the week. I tend to instagram at least once a day, so it is practically a timeline of my life. Here are some of my favorite shots from last week!

My life is now completely filled with school assignments…6 weeks and 12 credits is practically a suicide mission. SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS! Thank goodness for the wonderful Reminders App on my Ipad! I have been keeping a running list of all the assignments due. This is just week one…

Friday night I headed over to Melbourne for Caroline’s high school graduation. Dana and I drove over and met up with the Taylor family. This picture is from AFTER Graduation when Caroline was having us play photographer. Her boyfriend got her gorgeous red roses, so Dana, Lauren and I had to have our own photoshoot!

Saturday morning we went to the most delicious breakfast place in Melbourne! It was called the Blueberry Muffin and oh my goodness they have the BEST MUFFINS! I really wanted to try the Chocolate Chip Muffin because Caroline claims it is the best ever, but they ran out :(!

I am a little obsessed with my mom’s new Jack Rogers…so of course I had to instagram them! I am not a big fan of Jack Rogers…they tend to KILL my feet but I absolutely LOVE the pink and gold combination!

And the week came to a close with my baby brother’s high school graduation party. I always look forward to this party! (I had one, Ryan had one, and finally Matt had his!) It is such a great chance to see old friends we haven’t seen in a while!

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