DIY: Elastic Hair Ties


Is it just me, or do hair ties always seem to disappear? I feel like every few months I buy packs of over 50 hair ties and sure enough they all seem to disappear! This little dilemma has been driving me crazy forever! I decided to do something about it…

About a year ago my friend Chelsie and I were shopping and she introduced me to elastic hair ties, and I fell in love! I bought two hair ties and two head bands and NEVER lost them (I would have been devastated!). Recently, I have been seeing them in more and more stores with the prices JACKED waaay up! My friend Sara told me she was planning on making some of her own, and I thought that idea was genius! Why pay $5 for 5 ties, when I can make my own?

I followed this tutorial from Lil Boo Blue (love this blog!)

First, I ordered the elastic for the hair ties from Etsy. I ordered 5/8 inch, which seems to be the perfect size. I used a shop called Elastic by the Yard and got four colors (5 yards each) for under $10!!! That will make a LOT of hair ties!

I also found some really GREAT priced Elastic on Amazon! I loved the variety offered on Amazon. Perfect options for some really creative hair ties.  I love this variety of pink HERE, Chevron HERE, and Quatrefoils HERE! Seriously they have just about anything your heart could desire….Reading Owls! Mustaches! and MORE!

Next, I waited patiently for my supplies to arrive…during this time I went out and bought Fray Check. This keeps the hair ties from fraying at the ends.

Finally once all my supplies arrived I was READY to go!!

SO MUCH ELASTIC (in bright fun colors of course) 

1. Measure out Elastic! Lil Boo Blue suggested cutting the piece to 7 inches, but I have EXTREMELY thick hair so I measured 9 inches! I would recommend try a couple and seeing what you like best.

Using my handy dandy LIME Green Ruler from 8th grade! 

2. Fold the cut piece of elastic and tie the end in a knot and you are ALMOST DONE!

A few almost finished hair ties 

3. To finish the hair ties off apply a little bit of Fray Check to the ends of each hair ties. This will keep them from unravelling!

What Fray Check looks like…I had no idea!! 

Finally you get to enjoy your BRAND NEW, HAND MADE Hair Ties! Another perk? They look super cute when you wear them on your wrist!

Plenty of hair ties…and I didn’t even use all the elastic! 

Next DIY? I want to try to tie dye white elastic for hair ties! 🙂 Lil Boo Blue has directions for those too!

If you don’t think you can handle this craft…do not fret! I found some already finished Elastic Hair ties on Amazon HERE! 50 for under $15. But I still recommend attempting this yourself…it is very easy to do!


8 thoughts on “DIY: Elastic Hair Ties

  1. erin says:

    Also, check out for cheap trim and fast shipping! over 50 colors!! also, to stop the fraying you can just hold a lighter up to the edge and melt the edges (don’t let the flame touch the elastic or it will burn)” i just bought some from them and when I mentioned that I found them on Pinterest they gave me 5 free yards for mentioning where I found them!

    • SaraSmiles365 says:

      I probably made about 30 but I still have a good bit left over!! Plus I made a few headbands! I did the math and with 20 yards if you make then 9inches each you can make 80 (let’s hope I did the math right!) but you can make them smaller (I have very thick hair and had to make them a little bigger!) sorry for the long reply! I hope it helps GOOD LUCK, they will make perfect party favors!

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