What Makes a Good Teacher?

This past Friday I had to say goodbye to my 22 wonderful students, my incredible mentor teacher and the school I have spent this entire year teaching at. I have learned SO much being in the classroom this year. I have dealt with so many different situations, that left me feeling confident and prepared for my future as a teacher.

I grew to love each and every one of my students and all the little things that made them so special. My class surprised me BIG time on Friday!! They all brought in little things I will need as a teacher, from posters to pencils! (I am seriously set for life) One of my favorite parts of the gift was the book my mentor teacher put together. She had each student answer the simple question: “What Makes a Good Teacher?” and their responses were absolutely priceless! She also included a picture of each of them. This is something I will bring with me to every teaching job I have. It will be a great reminder about how much I love this job after a long hard day. I had to share some of my FAVORITE student responses…(for privacy reasons I did not include the student’s name or picture). Of course I loved them all, but posting all 22 would be a bit much :). 


Of course, all good teachers go to the University of Florida 🙂 


My students have their priorities straight 🙂 


I take my line VERY seriously (just ask my students) 


Marshmellows and a Trip to the Toy Store…I guess I will have to work on that one! haha


The sweetest one 🙂 🙂 

I already miss my students and I can’t believe I won’t be in the classroom tomorrow morning! I am already planning a trip to visit them before the year is over! 


One thought on “What Makes a Good Teacher?

  1. Jen says:

    Oh my goodness, these are priceless! One of my kindergartners was bawling her eyes out when I picked her up for after school because she loved her intern so much. She was so sad that she wasn’t going to be her teacher anymore.

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