Spring Break 2012

My Spring Break finally arrived…after what seemed like the longest semester ever! All my friends enjoyed their Spring Break almost a month early, so I was extremely ready to take a break from the early mornings!

Trust me, I spent many days complaining to my mother about the fact that I would be forced to spend my break all alone. I got extremely lucky when Karen offered to take Sarah and I down to her house in West Palm for a little beach weekend at the start of my break! Get ready for PICTURES!

Girls before Dinner

We had a wonderful weekend. It started with a trip to the beach for a little snorkeling, which I absolutely love. My Uncle Brian lives in town and he stopped by the beach and we snorkeled for over an hour. We saw so many awesome things including a spotted eel! It looked like a tiny dragon. (I have a picture on the waterproof camera…will post later). We even saw two sea turtles, I had a major freak out when Biffle spotted the first one. Sea Turtles are currently my favorite animals.

On the Boat: PALE, TAN, TAN

The next day we went out on Karen’s Uncle Jim’s boat for a day of sun and fun. Karen’s friend Lori joined us. We explored the waterways around Jupiter, stopped at sandbars and a local restaurant on the water. It was a great day on the water.

Karen’s family was so kind and welcomed us right into their home. I loved getting to spend the beginning of my Spring Break with them.

The rest of my Spring Break was B-O-R-I-N-G. I hung out around the house, read, and procrastinated majorly on the 23 page paper due during Spring Break. Yes, I had a paper due during my Spring Break…depressing right?

We ended my break with a trip up to Gainesville for my brother’s fraternity’s Philanthropy, Cajun Cookout. My little stayed up in Gainesville just to see me! I was so happy to see a familiar face. We ended up hanging out in my brother’s room for most of the night (His room overlooks the courtyard where the festivities were taking place).

Okay this picture is a little crazy but I love it!

I was beyond thrilled when my sorority sister Kristina won the Mullet Toss. Phi Mu 1st Place in the Mullet Toss! Of course we had to make my brother take a picture doing the quatrefoil in honor of the winning sorority!

After Cajun Cookout my family and a few other people headed to the Swamp. The next morning we headed back tot he Fraternity House for the rest of family weekend. It was before the annual Orange and Blue game.

Family minus one

We drove home and enjoyed Easter in Orlando, and I finally got around to writing that paper. I also got some great news while I was home…I am going to be able to start substitute teaching at my DREAM school this May! I think this is such a great way to get my foot in the door and hopefully set myself up for a job!

I only have two more weeks in my internship and then I am on SUMMER VACATION!!! I am literally counting down the days. I am ready for classes to be over, but I am NOT ready to say goodbye to my students.


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