Life Update: Teaching, Reveal, and Chasco

So I have been a terrible blogger recently…but grad school has been keeping me quite busy and I still haven’t enjoyed Spring Break yet! (FOUR DAYS!) So what have I been up to? Well I got sick (hello antibiotics) and I have been writing lesson plans left and right! I have also pretty much completely taken over teaching my classroom. It is really showing me what my life will be like in the future…long days but completely worth it when just one student improves! And man do they say the FUNNIEST things!! Last week we had Luau Day promoting the book fair, and my kids told me I looked like “an old man” “an old lady” and I was also called “grandma” Charming right? They crack me up at least once a day. Our field trip to the zoo was FULL of laughs… I can’t believe my internship ends in just a few short weeks. Summer and Fall are going to be so boring spent in college courses, and I have a feeling I am going to be missing my kiddos like CRAZY! (I am already bracing myself for the chance of tears when I have to say goodbye).


Alyse and I post reveal

The past few weekends have been spent in Gainesville doing school work. I was able to introduce the lovely Alyse into my Phi Mu Phamily as my newest grandlittle! She is absolutely precious and the sweetest thing ever. I also got to see The Hunger Games, one of my favorite books, brought to life on the big screen! You bet I was at the midnight showing!


Roommate and I wearing our Hunger Games Shirts (Yes we were THOSE People) 

Luckily I finally got to escape from town for a fun weekend with all my friends. Since I am doing my internship this semester I rarely ever get to see my friends so an entire weekend together was just what I needed! We went to my Biffle’s house in New Port Richey to celebrate Chasco Fiesta! As Biffle described it…”New Port Richey’s version of Mardi Gras.”

ImageThe girls waiting to watch the Parade

Biffle lives right on the parade route and across the street was an entire carnival complete with a Ferris Wheel. During the parade floats threw out handfuls of beads…and I discovered I am very competitive when it comes to catching beads! I must say I gathered quite a lot during one parade.


Dana and I enjoying the parade! 

After the parade we wandered around the carnival and Biffle convinced all of us to get on the Ferris Wheel. Despite my major fear of heights I obliged because I knew cute pictures would result from the carnival ride!


Biffle and I on the Ferris Wheel! (notice all my beads?!) 

Overall it was a great weekend and I loved finally getting to visit my Biffle’s house!! It definitely put my brain in Spring Break mode…four days of teaching and then I am goneeee! West Palm Beach for a few days! 🙂

Oh yeah…did I mention I climbed a tree? (terrified of heights, but this was a blast)


K making me look EXTRA Pale! haha! 

Get ready for another fun post full of pictures after West Palm!!

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