Marley Lilly: Summer Must Haves

Spring has arrived…which means Summer is RIGHT around the corner!

While everyone else has been spending their Spring Breaks in tropical paradises, I have been working at my internship all week dreaming of a trip to the beach! I passed the time by online shopping…mainly at one of my favorite places Marley Lilly. If you need anything preppy, pink, monogrammed or PERFECT this is the place for you!

I showed this website to a friend this past week, and boy did she go crazy ordering custom hats, scarves (never too early to get ready for winter) and croakies! I figured if she loved this website as much as I did, I should share it with all of my readers!

Here are my SUMMER MUST HAVES from Marley Lilly!

1. Monogrammed Derby Hat

We all know I am VERY conscious of the sun because I will turn tomato red without protection. This hat is the perfect solution! It also looks adorable paired with a sundress! This is something every college girl needs! If this hat is not the hat for you, take a second to scroll through the wide variety of options on Marley Lilly! There is a hat for everyone!

2. Monogrammed Sunglasses…

I think I just died and went to Heaven these are AMAZING!

3. Monogrammed 16oz Double Wall Acrylic Cup

Custom cups make sipping cold drinks ten times better! These would be perfect for any trip to the beach!

4. Monogrammed Large Boat Tote

This item is both practical and perfect! Imagine packing your things in this monogrammed tote and heading to the beach for the day!

Customer Service at Marley Lilly is also fantastic! I ordered a Pashmina Scarf for my mom’s birthday present and it arrived so quickly and looked beautiful! What are your MUST HAVES on the Marley Lilly website?

Also be sure to follow Marley Lilly on Twitter here!


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