The END of #febphotoaday :Days 26-29

February Photo a Day Challenge is over! I hope you all enjoyed seeing my photos. I really loved finding a picture for every day, it made me feel like I was back completing my Photo a Day Challenge!

Day 26: Night

Confession: This is an older picture (Even if I WISH I was in Paris right now)…we haven’t had a pretty night in Gainesville in a while and I go to sleep SUPER early (yes, I am an old lady)  therefore I had to make do with an old picture. To be fair I WISH I spent Day 26 in Paris! haha! Paris at Night > Gainesville at Night

Day 27: Something You Ate

Packed Lunch every day for my internship! The kids love the fact that I eat PB&J just like them! haha 🙂

Day 28: Money

nothing too exciting…just some coins I have sitting on my desk.

Day 29: Something You’re Listening To

Does an iTunes Screen Shot count? I hope so…I tried to be creative but epically failed!

Such a fun month taking pictures everyday!! 🙂


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