#Febphotoaday: Days 18-25

Day 18: Drink

This morning we wandered up to the Farmer’s Market and stopped at BadAss Coffee (yes! that is its name) Of course I had to document this cup! I had the most incredible Mango Iced Tea (brewed RIGHT in front of me)

Day 19: Something you hate to do

I wish I could show a picture of what I really HATE to do and happened to me today…but that would just be gross! I spent the early morning completely and totally sick :(! My mom thinks I may be allergic to fish or shellfish…two things I am crazy about! So today we went to this great place for lunch and I had to get a chicken sandwich. It killed me to not get the fish sandwich like everyone else. This is a picture from the restaurant…the restaurant I had to eat chicken instead of fish!!!

Day 20: Handwriting

I have the world’s sloppiest handwriting…my students are always trying to decipher what I write on the Smart Board. On the other hand…I do think I have lovely cursive if I try! I came in second place in a contest in fourth grade…I spent HOURS writing the paragraph so it would be perfect. This is just a picture of my writing in my journal (my Bucket List)

Day 21: A Fave Photo Of You

Tough One…there are a lot of photos on me I like…and as we know I love to take pictures! It took me forever to choose just one, but I guess this is a favorite 🙂 This is the photobooth we had at Bid Day! I LOVE PHOTOBOOTH PICTURES!

Day 22: Where you work

I don’t exactly have a “job” but my internship is pretty darn close. I am in the classroom ALL Day everyday…so I guess that is where I work!

Day 23: Your Shoes

My mom just got me these new shoes…I love them 🙂

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Confession…I cleaned my bathroom cabinet JUST for this picture!

Day 25: Green

I played photographer today for my little and grandlittle before Formal…my scarf had a LITTLE bit of green in it! This is my grandlittle and I actually looking NORMAL in a photo together! haha


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