Dear 16 Year Old Me…

Please take a moment to watch this video. Skin Cancer is something that has been affecting my family since before I was born.

I can’t remember a beach trip where I was not covered head to toe in sunscreen for fear that one day I too might have to have something removed. As the video says it only takes one bad sunburn to cause skin cancer. With my family history, I know that I am at a heightened risk for one day discovering skin cancer. This led to frequent dermatologist appointments, sun shirts that covered my arms from the sun (and were NOT cute), and sunscreen!


Mom, brothers and I all wearing our sunshirts on vacation 

When I was younger this was no big deal, but as I entered high school my friends always wanted to lay out by the pool and now that I am in college people go to the tanning bed weekly!  There is pressure from all directions saying my skin should be tan. But I have never and will never go to a tanning bed. I must admit, I have tanned naturally in the sun and I have gotten several bad sunburns in my life. This makes me extra aware of any changes on my skin.

Now, I don’t want to preach, or anger people…I just want to make people aware of the dangers that come from the sun. I know we all want that healthy glow, but honestly what is so bad about being pale? I say embrace it…or if it bothers you THAT much…get a spray tan! You will get that glow you are looking for, with absolutely no sun damage to your skin.

Yes, I still rock my sunshirt from time to time, (ignore my mask mark, just finished snorkeling) 

Please pass this video on!

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