Mini Vacation to Paradise: Picture Post

Naples, FL 

This past weekend was a THREE day weekend for me! All of my fellow gators had class on Monday, but I was lucky in that public school in Alachua County had President’s Day off. My family had been planning a trip over Winter Break, but since I had to come back to school a week early we had to post pone.

Paddle Boarding for the FIRST time…not as easy as it looks! 

Some of our really good family friends moved down to Naples, FL last year and we decided to visit them. My parents had been to visit before, but this was my first time in Naples and I absolutely LOVED it! The weather was perfect Florida weather, the town was precious, and the houses were incredible. We spent out weekend trying new things (like tomatos and paddle boarding!) and venturing out on the boat!

The family out on the boat

It was really nice getting to spend the weekend with my family, and I have to be honest when I say it was the first time we spent an entire weekend with ZERO arguments…yes you read that correctly ZERO! We were also treated like ROYALTY while we were there! I had my own room…no sharing with my brothers!

Driving the boat home from dinner

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed this trip! The past few weeks have been extremely crazy and stressful…trust me graduate school is not easy…especially when you have to spend ALL day in the classroom (EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK) plus class! I have been wanting a tropical getaway ever since we got home from The Abacos, and I mus admit Naples was pretty darn close!

A Collage of Photos from my Phone! 

Of course I took a million and one pictures, and to share them all would take FOREVER! Thanks to the amazing iPhone App Diptic, I was able to collage some of my favorites from this past weekend. Ryan catching a snook off the dock, and ME trying a tomato! (pathetic I know)!

Dad and Brother on the Beach

I have been home for ONE day, and I am already desperate to go back to paradise! Counting down the days until Spring Break…unfortunately I have to wait until APRIL! (I get public school Spring Break and not UF Spring Break)


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