#febphotoaday 11-17

I have been having an absolute blast with this photo a day challenge! People think I am crazy when I have to stop everything and pull out my camera to get the PERFECT picture! Can’t remember the original list? Check it out here!

Day 11: Makes You Happy  

Of course I needed a collage for “Makes You Happy” It was a chilly day in Gainesville, so I got to wear my cozy patagonia fleece, light a candle and curl up with a great magazine (featuring Taylor Swift AND Armie Hammer) plus my roommate and I decided to treat ourselves to delicious chocolate covered strawberries!

Day 12: Inside Your Closet

Warning! This photo is a cheat…I am too embarrassed (and my mother would be MORTIFIED) to take a picture of my entire closet, therefore you only get a teeny tiny glimpse. That glimpse is still terrifyingly messy!

Day 13: Blue

This is Dana’s amazing Nook cover! I am a little jealous she gets a super cool cover for her nook, and my kindle has a boring pink cover! This cover has quotes from tons of classic books.

Day 14: Heart

Aww! Valentine’s Day! I was extremely lucky this year…and instead of having just ONE Valentine…I had 22!! My class was super sweet and shared their Valentines with me! Of course I needed a collage for today, because hearts were everywhere! Also in the collage? Heart shaped York peppermint from Mom and Starbucks LOVE cup (which I visited Starbucks JUST to get)

Day 15: Phone

This photo was taken a little later…because I needed to find the PERFECT phone! I knew my cellphone would be waay too boring! I love how this phone has the dial on it!

Day 16: Something New

This year my goal is to try new things every chance I get…this include food! I am one of the pickiest people you will ever meet! So for something new I decided to try a tomato! (see I told you I was picky!) Our friend is a produce guy, therefore I could not be at his house without eating a tomato…and you know what? It didn’t kill me! I was even brave enough to try Caprese! I know my roommate Natalie will be SO proud of me…because every time she makes this at the apartment I say “YUCK!” but not anymore!

Day 17: Time

Let the good TIMES roll! I am currently in Naples with my entire family at our friends beautiful house! My picture for TIME is the sun setting from the boat…absolutely incredible! I am already figuring out a way to never ever leave… 🙂


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