Spontaneous Road Trip

I will be the first to admit I am the most unorganized person on this planet…but that doesn’t mean I am a very spontaneous person. I like to plan and prepare for things…especially road trips! I need time to mentally prepare, to pack, and to figure everything out!

Number 69 on my Bucket List is to pack my bags and set off to a random place…and this past weekend I checked that one off! Thursday night at about 10 pm I was on the phone with my old roommate Amanda when I decided, “you know what I am going to go to Atlanta this weekend” (note: not the most random place, but whatever) I had no assignments to complete this weekend, no plans, and my Biffle was willing to join me for the 5 hour drive…

After this was decided, I entered PANIC MODE! I was literally freaking out! I had my internship ALL Friday, I hadn’t packed ANYTHING, I had laundry in the dryer, and so many other little things kept popping in my head. Despite all this panic, I decided to just do it, drop everything and go to Atlanta! I am SO glad I decided to go, I really needed a weekend away from Gainesville…plus I missed Amanda!

And now for some fun pictures from the weekend ūüôā

First we met Amanda’s roommate’s cat Gracie, super cute…but I am not a cat person at all…so the two of us did NOT get along very well…

Gracie, or “Cat” as I call her

Saturday we explored the gorgeous Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This is a giant park complete with tennis courts, lakes, sports fields, and dog parks. It was really nice to walk around and catch up with Amanda, plus we had the most incredible view of downtown Atlanta!

Biffle and I with downtown Atlanta behind us 

Another AWESOME thing about Atlanta? They have TRADER JOE’S! If you are from Florida, you may not know about this incredible store…think Whole Foods but at a fraction of the cost! They have them ALL over California and whenever we head out that way, we make sure to stop at Trader Joe’s. Of course I made a stop in Atlanta…

I treated myself to some DELICIOUS Trail Mix and a tin of Chai Tea mix, plus I love their tea tree products so I got some face cleanser! 

Then we made our way to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory…which I must admit has the BEST cupcakes I have EVER tried…and I have tried my fair share of cupcakes :). It was SO hard to decide on which kind of cupcake I wanted…so I got two! The Grasshopper Cupcake looked like a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream had been scooped on top of it and the Bourbon Cupcake (bourbon frosting sweet potato cake) had a GIANT football on it (their superbowl treat). My favorite was the Bourbon, the sweet potato cupcake scared me at first, but oh my goodness! it was delicious!


For dinner we headed down to Decatur, which may be my favorite place in Atlanta. We ate there last time I visited, but we tried a new place called the Square Pub. Being the picky eater I am, I was going to order the Turkey Burger plain, but the waiter talked me into getting it with everything on it. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a cranberry relish…he described it as Thanksgiving in your mouth. IT WAS AMAZING! I was so proud of myself for trying something different too!

Turkey Burger + Sweet Potato Tots 

After dinner, the craziest thing ever happened! We found out that one of Biffle’s BEST friends from home Olivia, was in Atlanta to celebrate a friend’s 21st Birthday. We decided to stop by for a little so Biffle could see her. We went to a place called Buckhead Saloon, and it was a really fun place…minus the oddballs there to watch some fight on tv.

Buckhead Saloon with two of my favorite people!

Sunday morning we went to Highland Bakery. I have heard Amanda talk about this place SEVERAL times, but I have never been…until this morning. I decided the entire city of Atlanta has the BEST food ever! I enjoyed every meal this weekend…but this breakfast was great, and it kept my full the REST OF THE DAY! I got a traditional breakfast (eggs, potatoes, and toast) plus an adorable mini donut (I needed a little sugar). Biffle got the MONSTER PB French Toast (seriously BIGGEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN) needless to say we had LOTS of leftovers!

Breakfast Collage 

And after all that food it was time to say goodbye to Amanda…and hop in the car for the five hour trek back to Gainesville. I am so happy I decided to be SPONTANEOUS and take this random trip. It was really good to see Amanda…this is probably the longest we haven’t seen each other (best friends since FIFTH GRADE, and roommates for the past 2 1/2 years) Now that I am back in Gainesville, I am already looking forward to another trip back to Atlanta…next time I need to bring Nat so we can go to the Georgia Aquarium!


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