February Photo Challenge: A Mini Project 365

As you all know, I am quite a big fan of photography and challenging myself to take a picture EVERY DAY! (I mean I did spend an ENTIRE year doing just that!) So when I stumbled on this challenge, I knew I had to participate. I love how it tells you WHAT to take pictures of, it makes it a little more challenging than just taking a picture of anything! I am going to post all the photos at the end of the week!

Via Fat Mum Slim

Since it is DAY ONE, I will share TODAY’s photo now! Expect to see the rest of the weeks photos on Sunday!

1. My View Today…no class or internship, therefore I am trying to be productive and do my assigned reading for the week. (as you can tell it is going horribly, I am on my second blog post of the day…) Oh well, I have to finish it today because I am a first responder this week (meaning it has to be finished by tomorrow). 

Feeling like taking the challenge? Comment below and let me know if you participate! I would love to see everyone’s February in pictures :)!

2 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge: A Mini Project 365

  1. Wendy Ramos says:

    I’m definitely about the mini 365 too! I tried 365, and pooped out in the high 200’s. Bummer! Nice view of the day – makes me want to go across the street for a hot coffee.

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