Exploring Gainesville: Hiking Paynes Prairie

This weekend I FINALLY got around to exploring Paynes Prairie with a group of friends. Every time I drive into Gainesville on I-75 I pass through the Prairie…yet I have never taken the time to visit it. I am really glad we decided to go and experience it, and I definitely want to go back again and hike a different trail.

**Biffle and I at the start of the hike**

I must admit hiking in Florida is MUCH different than any hiking I have ever done…my family usually takes vacations to some National Park out west, where we find ourselves hiking up mountains…in Florida you “hike” on a practically flat surface (there was one hill…a little one)

**The lone “hill” of the hike**

As I mentioned the rest of the hike was extremely flat…the trail we hiked on was called Cone’s Dike Trail and it was 8 Miles roundtrip. We only hiked 3.2 miles because the view was pretty much the same…

**The Four Hikers**

We were also EXTREMELY lucky, in that we got to see WILD HORSES! I thought I would get to cross that off my bucket list, but unfortunately my bucket list says “See Wild Horses on the Beach,” darn me and my need to be specific!! It was still absolutely amazing to get to see these horses.

**L-tay and I with the wild horses**

**A closer look at the Wild Horses**

Overall, it was a great day…I love getting to experience something new in a town I have been living in for the past three and a half years.

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