Adventures in Cooking: The Search for Something Sweet

Confession: I have yet to embark on any REAL meal recipes…but I decided to make a simple sweet treat the other day. In this new year I am trying my best to eat “healthier,” but I still find myself craving chocolate left and right. I stumbled on this recipe on Pinterest and figured…Bananas are a fruit, Peanut Butter has protein…therefore this treat is somewhat healthy? (okay! I know they aren’t really healthy…but they sure are delicious).

I took pictures of the entire process, since I am terrible at describing steps of a recipe I figured showing pictures of each steps would be more effective!


**I love Baker’s Dipping Chocolate, because you melt the chocolate right in that container in the microwave! NO MESS!**

Step 1: Peel Bananas

Step 2: Cut the Bananas into bite sized pieces!

Step 3: Add the desired amount of Peanut Butter!

**Warning! this was one of the more difficult steps, for some reason the Peanut Butter did NOT want to stay on the bananas** 


**Another tricky step…I ended up just pouring a little chocolate on top of each one, instead of completely covering it in chocolate**

Step 5: Freeze

**Not the most beautiful creation, but definitely delicious**

Step 6: Share and Enjoy! These little treats are the PERFECT solution to those chocolate cravings!

Click here for the original recipe

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