People of Disney

**Warning! This post contains hilarious photos and not so nice comments…what can I say, I am my father’s daughter**

This post is in honor of my father and I’s entertainment by the tourists of Disney, and Orlando in general. Growing up in Orlando I learned how to spot a tourist VERY quickly (socks with sandals, soccer jersey, sunburn are all DEAD giveaways), now when I go on vacation I try my ABSOLUTE best to blend in with the locals.

This past year I have made two trips to Disney World, first to Magic Kingdom and then to Epcot. Here I put my iPhone and stealthy photo taking skills to good use to capture some of the not so well dressed tourists of Disney…I figured I should share them with the world! This is somewhat similar to the infamous People of Walmart (probably less disturbing then some of those pictures though)

Again, be warned some of these pictures are not pretty! This is probably the most un-classy post of my life…but it is too hilarious not to share! Photo commentary by myself and Biffle.

Shorts that tight are NEVER a good idea…

Crocs and socks…need I say more? 

“I’m sexy and I know it” 

“The number one rule in fashion…everything MUST match” 

Another case of too tight pants…this time they are neon…

I didn’t know pants were optional…

I am not sure which is worse…the tights or the Ed Hardy capris?

“How can she not see me? I am wearing all lime green for goodness sakes”

And last but not least, some crazy girl “Tebowing” in a Tebow Jersey at Epcot…oh wait! That’s me! Gotta poke a little fun at myself too! 

Who would have ever thought you could find such “colorfully” dressed people at the Happiest Place on Earth?

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