Back to Reality…

Christmas break has officially come to and end and I am back in Gainesville starting Grad School. This semester is going to be quite challenging, but definitely the most beneficial to my future as a teacher.

I returned to the classroom last Tuesday, and will be spending every day until April with my kiddos. Over the semester I am going to gain more and more responsibilities. I am so lucky to be with the same kids and my fabulous mentor teacher. In addition to this internship, I have a seminar every other week and a class (with a LOT of assignments).

The view from my VERY own Teacher’s Desk

Everyone is finally making their way back in to town which I am LOVING because I absolutely hate staying alone…seriously I am so paranoid! I place duffel bags and suitcases in my room so if an intruder broke in they would trip…(you think I am kidding, but I am being completely honest). I also got a new roommate, also named Amanda! She is so sweet and I think we are going to get a long great! This is such a relief, because random roommates can be hit or miss.

Also this weekend my Grand Big Stacey came into town. We had a jam packed Phamily Weekend…complete with a photoshoot (of course)! We went to the Butterfly Garden at UF, watched chick flicks, went out, and had brunch! It was quite the weekend. Here is a collage I made of our adventures!

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