2011: The Year of the Bucket List

When I was in high school, I started creating my own Bucket List after seeing my friend, and now roommate Amanda create her own. My list grew over the years. I had everything on my list from falling in love to visiting all 7 continents. Some of the items on my list are extremely far fetched, i.e. “Carry the Olympic Torch” “Visit Antarctica” yet it is the random goals like these that keep me going. For example, everyone that has seen the classic Nicholas Spark’s movie A Walk to Remember will remember the moment where Shane West’s character helps Mandy Moore’s character cross items off her Life List.  I feel like I got number #103 from that movie, Stand in Two Places at Once. At first this seemed truly impossible, but I am proud to say I have crossed that one off my list.

This year I was able to cross SEVERAL things off my giant Bucket List, which to me was an amazing accomplishment. I love being able to go back through my list and realized I have accomplished something. Although, I must admit, before embarking on my Europe trip I made note of several items that could be crossed off along the way.

Here are all the items I crossed off my list.

#23: Go to DC …a simple one but I loved every second of getting to explore DC and I am already planning a trip back

#32: Go on an International Mission Trip: Spring Break 2011 I went to Jaibon Dominican Republic with a group of UF student’s to teach in local schools. We went with the program Orphanage Outreach, now Outreach 360. One of the most memorable experiences of my year.

#46: Sing a Song in Front of a Crowd: Now who could forget the epic PC ’08 Karaoke Fail of 2011! haha! A group of my pledge sisters and I decided to do karaoke to “What a Girl Wants” …definitely not the best song to choose…it was awful and hilarious all at the same time.

#52: Visit a Concentration Camp…I made sure we stopped at Dachau Concentration Camp during our Europe trip

#66: Go Backpacking…this was a VERY vague Bucket List post on my part. When I was writing it, I think I meant go backpacking (hiking) but in all fairness I did go Backpacking through Europe for 23 days…therefore it is CHECKED off

I love this picture, bc one I am wearing a skirt backpacking (crazy) and two Biffle’s backpack rolled…haha

#68: Make a Wish at 11:11 on 11/11/11 …If you don’t know me I love anything magical…Disney, Harry Potter, you name it, there is a good chance I love it. So anything that dealt with making a special wish was going on my list. I can’t tell you what I wished for though..Don’t want to jinx it 🙂

#81: Safely Shoot a Gun…probably the SCARIEST thing I have ever done, and to be completely honest not sure I will ever do it again…but I am really glad I got to check it off

#82: Throw a coin in the Trevvi Fountain, another forced stop on the European Adventure…and yet again another opportunity to make a wish.

#83: Stay in a Hostel...CHECK, CHECK and CHECK, I definitely stayed in my fair share of hostels while backpacking, and too be completely honest they were not as horrible and terrifying as I had imagined.

#93: Teach English in a Foreign Country: My mission trip to the DR was a win, win, win.  I got to check number 32 off my list, I got to check number 93 off my list, and I got to have an amazing experience doing something I had only dreamed of doing.

#103: Stand in two places at once. As I previously mentioned this seemed like something that would NEVER happen, but this summer while touring Rome with my friend Father Jeremiah (he was studying in Rome) he told me to place one foot on one side of a line, and the other foot across it. He then said “You are now standing in Rome and the Vatican…two places at once” It was one of the craziest, and most memorable parts of the trip. Here is one thing I never thought I would accomplished, done crossed off my list!

*I don’t have a picture of myself, but I snapped one of Biffle and Lauren standing in two places at once

As you can see I had quite the year…here is to a year of many more “Cross-offs” and many more adventures. If you want to check out the rest of my Bucket List click HERE, or just click the tab at the top of the page.

Does anyone else have their own Bucket List of things they want to do before they die?

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