Top it off with a CREATIVE Graduation Cap…


At the University of Florida (and elsewhere?) there seems to be a tradition of decorating your graduation cap prior to the ceremony. This gives a chance to add your own little personal touch, and help your family member find you in the massive crowds.

Cohort Ladies “TEBOWING” in their custom graduation caps 

I started planning my cap a few weeks ago. Now, usually I am a TERRIBLE crafter (ask my little, she will confirm) but I was pleasantly surprised with how well my cap turned out! When making your own Grad Cap it is important to remember “Less is More”

I decided to keep it simple, because I have seen one too many caps with one too many things stuck on it! I also wanted my cap to represent me…therefore I decided to incorporate my favorite things, Phi Mu, Lilly, and Pearls! (I wanted to fit a Gator somewhere, but like I said before LESS IS MORE!

My supplies for this project were very basic. Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper, hot glue gun, quatrefoil stencil, pearls, and mod podge.

Using an old quatrefoil I already had, I traced it onto the Lilly wrapping paper and then cut it out. I also then had to cut a small circle out of the quatrefoil so the tassel would fit. Then I placed a thin layer of mod podge onto the BACK side of the wrapping paper, and placed it on the cap. I then painted a thin layer of the podge on top of the wrapping paper. Then I let it dry…

I came back a few hours layer to add the final touch, a border of pearls. Ever since my last crafting attempt, I have been TERRIFIED of the hot glue gun. After that project I had blisters from burns on multiple fingers (OUCH) but yet again I surprised myself with my crafting abilities…no BURNS! I just took this part very slowly adding maybe 5 pearls at a time.

Finished Cap

Overall, I am VERY proud of my cap and can’t wait to wear it tomorrow, yes you read that correctly TOMORROW!! Here are a few more pictures of my best friends and I with our awesome caps! 🙂

So does anyone else’s University have this tradition for graduation?


9 thoughts on “Top it off with a CREATIVE Graduation Cap…

  1. bri says:

    I’m trying to plan out the design for me (Florida Gulf Coast University), but I don’t know the measurements of the hat. Help? 🙂

    • SaraSmiles365 says:

      Hi! Unfortunately I do not still have my cap with me to measure it…it is back at home :(! From what I google it says to measure the top of your head and add 6 inches! I am sorry I could not help more! :(! Best of luck! 🙂 🙂

  2. Jeni says:

    First, I wanted to say I love your blog about this! I’m graduating from UF next weekend and have no clue how the rental fees work when you decorate your cap. Do you just eat the $25 late return fee or is there an option to purchase your cap? If you know the answer, I would love to know it!

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