The Monuments and Memorials: D.C. Day One

During our short weekend trip to Washington DC we made our way to several monuments and two museums. There are so many more that we did not have time to visit, but that just gives me an excuse to go back again!

The first morning of our trip we took a long three-mile hike to see a few monuments and The White House.

Stop #1: The White House…first try we were only allowed to see the back side, but the next day we were able to see the front

Stop #2: The Washington Monument…You can’t go up close to it anymore because of the earthquakes, so we had to admire it from afar.

Stop #3: World War Two Memorial

Stop #4: Vietnam Memorial

Stop #5: Reflecting Pool …which may I say was VERY disappointing…it is just a GIANT pool of dirt and mud!!! (Check out a side by side of my picture and what it should look like!!)

Good Reflecting Pool Picture via Google 

Stop #6: Lincoln Memorial Building

Stop #7: Lincoln

That was the end of our three mile Monument and Memorial loop! The rest of the day was spent exploring Georgetown with Mariah 

Be on the lookout for a post tomorrow all about the museums we visited!! 🙂

One thought on “The Monuments and Memorials: D.C. Day One

  1. adhyde says:

    I haven’t been back to D.C. since they built the WWII monument. Would love to go back. I would say of the monuments that I have seen the Vietnam wall and the Korean War statues are the most moving of all.

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